Perchance to Dream

Arianna Huffington thinks women need to get more sleep.
I agree.

Apparently there’s even research suggesting that we need it more than men. And yet, too many of us get too little of it.

Why? Well, as you might expect, The Experts have compiled lengthy lists that include such culprits as:

  • stress
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • caffeine
  • alcohol
  • medications
  • poor eating habits

But let’s be honest, ladies. Most of us know what really led to our current state of sleep deprivation.

Giving birth.


Perchance to Dream

Oh, what I’d give
For a good night’s sleep –
Uncorrupted, uninterrupted
Sleep so deep.

I’d write a check
With countless numbers
For just eight hours
Of sweetest slumber.

I’d empty out
My bank account
For a cozy doze
Of modest amount.

I’d give the bling
From my ring finger
If in bed my head
Just once might linger.

I’d submit with ease
The SUV’s keys
For a night of delight
Catching multiple ZZZZZZ’s.

I’d relinquish my home
From door to door
For a chance to unleash
One long, loud snore.

I’d give all my belongings,
Each worldly treasure,
For a leisurely evening
Of snoozing pleasure.

And you know, for a night
Of sleep soft and mild
I’d even surrender
My first-born child.

And with babe removed,
Eureka! methinks,
I might – that’s right —
Get my forty winks.

© 2009 Carlotta Eike Stankiewicz


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