Living Dangerously

Until they can fend for themselves, our darling babes need parental protection from the many potential hazards in their world:

Household chemicals. Harmful foods. Power tools. Poor wardrobe choices.

A trend toward overprotective parenting has given rise to a cottage industry of childproofing gadgets, and now, consultants – some of whom feel no shame at charging $300 and up for a home visit, as this New York Times article recently reported.

Now, I installed my fair share of outlet plugs and cabinet locks when my girls were younger, but had to draw the line at anti-bacterial placemats and shopping cart covers. There’s safety, and then there’s overkill.

Besides, babies seemed to do just fine before the invention of the toilet lid lock. Amazing, but true.


Living Dangerously

No kid-safe doors, no childproof locks,
No choke-free toys or rounded blocks;
No outlet plugs, no safety seats,
No hormone-free milk or meats.

No anti-microbe soaps and sprays,
No wipes to swipe the germs away;
No safety cribs, no child restraints,
No homes aglow in lead-free paints.

No smoke-free restaurants or flights,
No fat-free, sugar-free delights;
No kneepads with our tricycles,
No helmets with our bicycles.

No sunscreen on those summer days,
No SPF to block the rays;
No V-chip guarding our TVs,
No censors guiding what we’d see.

Seems we grew up just tempting fate,
With perils lying close in wait;
Thank goodness there’s such caution now!
Though we survived……I wonder how?

©2009 Carlotta Eike Stankiewicz


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