How This Cookie Crumbles

cookies ©2010 CEStankiewicz all rights reservedI’m the proud mom of a 10-year-old Girl Scout…who’s down to the last few days of Girl Scout cookie sales…who went to a Girl Scout troop sleepover at our local children’s museum…who left me at home last night with the remnants of her inventory…who now has six five boxes of Lemonades and two one boxes of Thin Mints to sell by Sunday…





How the Cookie Crumbles

All these Trefoils,
Peanut Butter Patties,
and Thin Mints
have made us quite the fatties.

My living room is chock full
of cookies
not yet bought;

To my little Girl Scout daughter
I must say:

©2010 Carlotta Eike Stankiewicz


2 thoughts on “How This Cookie Crumbles

  1. One of those boxes I bought, the thin mints, got eaten in one five-minute sitting. I so relate to this. Those damn cookies made a pig out of me. Good luck getting them out of the house and not into your belly. (I sure enjoyed them while they lasted–not long!)

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