Show Your Grammar Some Respect

On the occasion of National Grammar Day, this card-carrying grammar geek would like to urge everyone (tweeting and texting aside) to try a little harder to get it right.


Show Your Grammar Some Respect

Altho we cheat 2 txt & tweet,
the words we write can be quite sweet;
when chosen with concern and care
they’re powerful beyond compare.

It’s not that hard to learn the rules,
and some might even think it’s cool
(and maybe even hot, I’d say)
to know the proper use of “lay.”

Of course it’s no catastrophe
to misuse an apostrophe,
and some might call obsessive
my position on possessives,
a little effort might affect
the way we write, if we elect
to bring about a good effect
by giving language more respect.

© Carlotta Eike Stankiewicz


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