The Mother of All Redundancies

Yeah, our society holds mothers up to impossible standards. And yeah, no matter which type of mother we are (by choice or not), our society seems relentless in pitting the “Work Outside the Home Mom” (WOHM) against the “Stay At Home Mom” (SAHM). I prefer these terms to distinguish between the two, as opposed to “working mom” and (even more annoying/offensive to me) “full-time mom.”

Language is a powerful thing. I’d like to suggest we be more thoughtful in how we use it, especially when it comes to this lovely and important position.

Oh…and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


On the Redundancy of the Term “Working Mother”

Whether home-based or job-bound, it’s irking
To suggest other mothers are shirking
Some female ideal
Can’t the world just get real
And just say that ALL mothers are working?

©2010 Carlotta Eike Stankiewicz


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