My Recipe for Success

Let’s face it, kids and vegetables go together about as well as Lady Gaga and inhibition.

Now, some parents have offspring who will gobble up green beans and scarf down squash. I haven’t been so blessed. While my daughters used to have pretty adventurous palates and once enjoyed a rainbow of vegetables with their meals, they’ve now become a bit more picky discriminating.

Luckily, we live in Texas, where the quesadilla is king. (Or queen, if you prefer a little alliteration.)

Thus, my current nutrition strategy involves smuggling a variety of veggies into these tasty tortilla sandwiches.

They’re not just good, they’re good for you. (But don’t tell the kids.)

Recipe for Success

They barely ate their broccoli
and hardly touched their spinach.
Their vegetables — deemed inedible —
were never, ever finished.

I yelled. I sighed. I bribed. I lied.
I begged upon my knees.
And then, the answer dawned on me.
A voice inside cried, “Cheese!”

Of course! That family-friendly food
of magic, molten gold
can sway the most demanding brood,
even fussy four-year-olds.

Swiss or cheddar makes it better,
and there’s nothing like Velveeta
to turn a diehard veggie-phobe
into a veggie eater.

So grate those greens, go slice ‘em, dice ‘em;
Cook them as you please —
Just make them ooey, oh-so gooey,
smothered all in cheese.

©2010 Carlotta Eike Stankiewicz


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