A Dirty Shame

Adjusting to the role of mom can prove quite a challenge, even for the most accomplished woman. Sure, we feminine types are famous for our multitasking skills, but there are some simple, everyday activities that are surprisingly tough to pull off with a kiddo in the casa.

Which is why, after a dozen years of motherhood, I’ll never, ever, ever take for granted a few sudsy minutes with my loofah.


A Dirty Shame

As a modern working woman
you’ve accomplished quite a bit,
worked your way on up the ladder,
won acclaim with charm and wit.

You’ve managed projects by the dozen,
mentored people by the score.
You could do in just one day
what would take most others four.

Such a dedicated doer,
you could tackle any task;
so now that you’re a brand new mom,
the question must be asked:

How is it such an Amazon,
a paragon of power,
now finds her biggest goal today
is just…to take a shower?

© Carlotta Eike Stankiewicz


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