Independence Day

Wasn’t it just yesterday that I watched my little niece toddle down the sidewalk to get her bouncy ball? So how could it be that today I was watching her trot down the aisle to get her high school diploma? In stillettos, no less?

Such were my thoughts a month ago, while attending my niece’s graduation in Denver. Sitting in the bleachers high above the Class of 2010, I began to think about my own two daughters, who’ll be graduating in six and eight years, respectively.

I still remember the day I dropped off my older girl (then six months old) at daycare for the first time and tearfully drove to my office…only to return two hours later to claim her and then work from home the rest of the afternoon.

The first day of kindergarten wasn’t any easier. That milestone felt especially bittersweet when my younger daughter waved goodbye from her little desk, and I realized it was the last first day of kindergarten for this mom.

At 12 and 10, my girls are growing into strong, confident young women. I’m happy to see them becoming less and less dependent on their mom, but I’ve got to be careful about wishing away their need for me. I know that soon enough, it’ll be gone.

And then…so will they.


Independence Day

First she’s feeding
then she’s talking
and she’s walking
on her own.

Next she’s reading
then she’s writing
and delighting
on her own.

Soon she’s riding
then she’s driving
and just thriving
on her own.

Now she’s gliding
and she’s glowing —
off she’s going
on her own.


4 thoughts on “Independence Day

  1. Only 13 days till her REAL Independence Day – 18 years old! You can write a poem about her activities that day – if you dare 🙂

  2. Oh, wow, did you read my journal? My niece graduated from college last month in high heels too. I was there when she was born. A lot of time must have passed between now and then, I just don’t remember getting this old.

  3. Our daughter just moved into her own apartment for her second year of college. It was a little bit easier than last year, but I think it just hasn’t sunk in yet. I guess I’ve done my job, and she’s ready to do the rest of the work!

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