Driver’s Education

This morning, I experienced a scene out of one of my favorite movies.

Consequently, today’s poem is dedicated to the lady whose Toyota nearly swiped the side mirror off my Volvo.



Driver’s Education
They’re not honking to say “Hello!”
They’re not waving to say “Hi!”
See, they’re staring and they’re glaring
as you drive so blithely by.

All the shouting and the swearing
that you just don’t seem to hear?
Well, it won’t relent because it’s meant
for only your ears, dear.

There’s a reason for the hub-bub,
for the anger and the noise,
for the words that parents really shouldn’t
say ‘round girls and boys.

Yet it’s clear to me you’re clueless,
so allow me to explain:

©2010 Carlotta Eike Stankiewicz

3 thoughts on “Driver’s Education

  1. Creative venting session 🙂 I live in a place where no one knows you are supposed to yield on green when turning left. I have seen SO many near accidents. One person even got tired of waiting behind a person yielding (thinking a green was the same as a green arrow), drove AROUND the person and almost hit a car.

    Maybe it would stress me out less if I wrote a poem about it 🙂

  2. these people wouldnt care even if they did know what you were saying ! I love to walk to school with the kids and you can enjoy all the drivers stressing while walking in the sun ! Love the poems tho.

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