I, Volunteer

Zombie mom.

As a parent, I’m about midway through my daughters’ school years. Which means I’ve seen their elementary school holiday program eight times, I’ve been to approximately 16 open houses, I’ve attended more than a dozen parent-teacher conferences, and I’ve reviewed close to 30 report cards.

And I’ve volunteered.

A lot.

I truly enjoy it, and for the most part it’s been immensely fun and rewarding. I’ve given a presentation on advertising to an audience of rapt fourth graders. I’ve painted henna designs on the hands of ticklish third graders. And I’ve manned many a concession booth at countless carnivals.

But I’ll admit that I’m getting tired. And I’m happy to see light at the end of the tunnel, as kids get older and more independent and parent involvement in school activities lessens.

I may be wrong, but I don’t think there’s as much call for parent volunteers in middle school, right?

And probably not in high school, right?

And most definitely not in college….right?



I, Volunteer

When the Kindergarten teacher
Needed help with story time,
I quickly said I’d come and read
A tale told in rhyme.

When the first grade needed cupcakes
For their Valentine’s Day fete,
I baked six dozen toothsome treats
No dentist could forget.

The second graders needed drinks
To serve on Field Day;
So out I brought five coolers full
To wash their thirst away.

The time the third grade farm trip
Was short a chaperone,
I spent the day ‘midst sheep and goats
and smelled like it, once home.

The fourth grade had a haunted house
And sought some spooks to scare,
So guess who dressed in tattered rags
And worked her zombie stare?

And when the fifth grade studied
Ancient Aztec lands and lore,
A giant painted pyramid
Obscured my kitchen floor.

For sixth grade, when the silent auction
Needed slews of signs,
Of course the hand that flew
To offer services was mine.

At times I’ve reconsidered
When reaching for the pen;
I’ve done my share, it’s only fair
To take a break – but then…

My youngest still has grades to go;
And so for seven years —
Who’ll sign the sheets to bring in treats?
Of course: I volunteer.


©2011 Carlotta Eike Stankiewicz


4 thoughts on “I, Volunteer

  1. College moms need to volunteer to make sure their kids do not wear PJ to 1:00p.m. class 🙂
    Speaking from my experience, once your kid is in middle-school, you become soOOO LAME, that they do not want you to volunteer, unless it is somewhere where they can’t see you and NOBODY can identify whose mom you are 🙂

  2. I loved your poem. Being only shortly out of my parents house I thank you and all moms who give of their time and energy freely.

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