A Limerick a Day – Day 3 – A Dirty Limerick

©2013 all rights reserved The Well-Versed Mom

On Day 3 of my self-imposed “A Limerick A Day” challenge, I give you verse featuring a topic some of you may know well.

This morning, as I went to yell at remind my 13-year-old to clean her room for the gazillionth time, I began to wonder if maybe there are just some people who aren’t bothered by messes. Maybe it’s just the way they are, their disposition. Maybe they’re just born that way, because it’s in their genes.

And then, finished with my nagging gentle reminder, I walked into my bedroom, stepping over the dirty clothes and shoes and books and unopened junk mail…still wondering why my daughter can never seem to keep her room clean….


A Dirty Limerick

There once was a girl’s messy room
That rarely got cleaned or vacuumed;
Heaps of paper and clothes
Piled up to her nose
Till her mom had to have her exhumed.

And although this mess almost did smother
The teen, she could point to another:
Mom’s room, messy throughout,
Full of clutter — No doubt
‘cause it’s true: just like daughter, like mother.


©2013 Carlotta Eike Stankiewicz



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