A Limerick A Day – Day 5 – OMG. It’s the OEDILF!



I can’t tell you how happy I am to have discovered this: a dictionary made entirely of limericks.

And just look at that name. It’s not the “English Dictionary in Literary Form.”

It’s the “OMNIFICENT English Dictionary in Literary Form.” (See this if you’re wondering about that word.)

Browse a bit, and you’ll find that it’s a crowd-sourced dictionary for and by verse geeks like me. And yeah, I’ve signed up to contribute to the project. Right now they’re accepting submissions for “words beginning with the letters Aa- through Ez- inclusive ONLY.” I’m not sure how they determined it, but the estimated date of completion is March 5, 2039. So I figure I have a little time before I need to stress about sending in mine.

In the meantime, though, here are a few choice OEDILF entries for your reading pleasure (for credits, click the links).


When Ken dated Barbie, they necked;
Any further advance he’d reject.
She began to suspect,
And he was, when she checked,
Anatomically most incorrect.


Little brats in a car seem untrainable
And seldom at all entertainable.
Undefeated, you’ll see
That the seatbelts are key:
Kids are, luckily, partly constrainable.


“Your breath smells like poop and salami.”
“Your breath smells like poop and salami.”
“Don’t repeat what I say!”
“Don’t repeat what I say!”
“You’re a copycat! I’m tellin’ Mommy!”



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