A Limerick A Day – Day 11 – There’s No Business Like Snow Business

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Today my daughters and I spent four glorious hours snowshoeing in the Carson National Forest near Taos, New Mexico. It just snowed a day ago, so we set out this morning on fresh powder with bright sun and clear blue sky above us.

It was fabulous. It was also our first time snowshoeing, and between the high altitude and the activity, we’re all pooped. And I’m too tuckered out to pen a new poem, so I’m posting a few verses from my new favorite site: the OEDILF (Omnificent English Dictionary In Limerick Form).



I didn’t know what was in store;
I tried cross-country skiing. No more.
I hiked trails in the snow
On two skis. Now I know
How it feels; every muscle is sore.


ALTITUDINAL by Doug Smeath

New hikers start singing the blues
When they learn this ironic bad news:
As upward you climb,
Though the views turn sublime,
Altitudinal sickness ensues.


BRIGHT by Howard Spindel

To the mountains for skiing, I’m fleeing;
I’ve forgotten my goggles for seeing.
The slopes are too bright —
There’s no way I can fight
The unbearable whiteness of skiing.


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