A Limerick A Day – Day 20 – Spring Cleaning

©2013 CEStankiewicz all rights reserved

Happy Spring!

In my neck of the woods, it’s already green and glorious out. Which means I’m more eager than ever to head out for a hike or bike or just to spend an hour or so piddling around in my garden.

Of course, it’s also time to switch out the closets, put away the coats and sweaters, toss the old magazines, wash the windows, clear out the garage, dust off the grill, vacuum the car, sweep out the fireplace and weed the garden — among other things.

But really, is that any way to celebrate a wonderful new season?

I thought not.


Spring Cleaning

Spring has sprung! and it’s gorgeous and greening
outside — while inside I’ve been meaning
to clear counters and closets
and inbox deposits —
it’s time for a sweep of spring cleaning.

Yet this weather’s a bit of a thwarter
of my plans to put household in order;
Mother Nature is calling,
which explains why I’m stalling,
For it doesn’t seem right to ignore her.


©2013 Carlotta Eike Stankiewicz


©2013 CEStankiewicz all rights reserved


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