A Limerick A Day – Day 26 – Pop Culture

Today’s post is a special treat — a guest post by a friend and fellow poet/punster, Gary Hallock.

Gary HallockHe’s best known around town as the producer and emcee of Austin’s O. Henry Pun-Off World Championship, the annual punslinging event that happens here each May.

Gary’s also a father, so he created a few limericks based on his own experience with Pop culture…


 Shuttle Busted

This wasn’t a part of my plan:
To drive kids around in a van,
But I’m the knight errant
Transporting transparent
I am the invisible man.

©2013 Gary Hallock


Failure to Launch

I watched my young son as he slumbered,
My days as a father were numbered;
Was not aware he
Would bounce back to me —
Who, with him, remains still encumbered.

©2013 Gary Hallock



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