A Limerick A Day – Day 27/28 – Is Spring Awesome? It’s Snot.

©2013 CEStankiewicz all rights reserved

Spring in the Texas Hill Country brings balmy weather and bluebonnets, bleary eyes and beet-red noses. It’s allergy time, after all, thanks to the lovely trees and flowers that grace our landscape and produce pollen by the pound. It’s really a shame, because the weather’s just so wonderful right now — but if you’re an allergy sufferer in Austin, it’s anything but enjoyable.


Wendi Aarons is not allergic to cats.

Wendi Aarons is not allergic to cats.


This month’s second guest post/collaboration comes courtesy of the lovely, talented and sniffly Wendi Aarons. She’s a friend, a fellow blogger, a Mouthy Housewife and co-producer of Listen To Your Mother Austin.

Like me, Wendi is an allergy sufferer and none too happy about it. Below you’ll find her latest complaint in verse. (Here’s the NSFW version.)


There’s a tiny tickle in my nose;
Of allergies I’m in the throes.
Cedar and oak?
Hardly a joke,
When you’re sneezing from head to toes.

So hit me up with nasal spray,
Pills and shots — even Ben-Gay.
I long to breathe
And feel at ease;
It’s a-pollen to live this way.

©2013 Wendi Aarons


Allergies suck; I’m one who knows
how noses flow and suffer woes.
Like you, I take issue
with needing a tissue
so often — this season just blows.
©2013 Carlotta Eike Stankiewicz


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