Perchance to Dream

Oh, what I’d give
For a good night’s sleep –
Uncorrupted, uninterrupted
Sleep so deep.

I’d write a check
With countless numbers
For just eight hours
Of sweetest slumber.

I’d empty out
My bank account
For a cozy doze
Of modest amount.

I’d give the bling
From my ring finger
If in bed my head
Just once might linger.

I’d submit with ease
The SUV’s keys
For a night of delight
Catching multiple ZZZZZZ’s.

I’d relinquish my home
From door to door
For a chance to unleash
One long, loud snore.

I’d give all my belongings,
Each worldly treasure,
For a leisurely evening
Of snoozing pleasure.

And you know, for a night
Of sleep soft and mild
I’d even surrender
My first-born child.

And with babe removed,
Eureka! methinks,
I might – that’s right —
Get my forty winks.

© 2009 Carlotta Stankiewicz