The Naked Truth

Dress ‘em up in Gymboree,
Little jeans from Little Me;
Bedecked with teddy bears and bows,
So precious in those baby clothes!

Moms and grandmas share a passion
For such tiny toddler fashions,
Even itsy-bitsy Nikes
Don the footsies of our tykies.

Mini-dresses, mini-suits,
Mini-shirts so very cute;
Mini-skirts and mini-T’s,
A calvacade of mini-me’s.

Overall they look quite posh,
Overall OshKosh B’Gosh.
Dare we doubt that they are happy
Dressed up oh-so Baby Gap-py?

what parent hasn’t viewed
Children longing to be nude,
Tugging off their socks and shoes,
Hoping other clothes come loose?

As if charmed by some mad piper,
Off they tear their dresses, diapers–
Grateful for this stolen chance
To do the Naked Baby Dance.

Even those who hate to bathe
Face the tub looking brave,
Shedding clothes with wary glee,
‘Cause naked’s what they get to be.

And truth be told, what store-bought wear
Could you find that could compare
To the soft and dimpled skin
They’re all in when they begin?

For much as we all love to dress
Our darlings in such preciousness,
We’ll never see clothes quite as cute
As a babe’s own birthday suit.

©2009 Carlotta Stankiewicz

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