Living Dangerously

No kid-safe doors, no childproof locks,
No choke-free toys or rounded blocks;
No outlet plugs, no safety seats,
No hormone-free milk or meats.

No anti-microbe soaps and sprays,
No wipes to swipe the germs away;
No safety cribs, no child restraints,
No homes aglow in lead-free paints.

No smoke-free restaurants or flights,
No fat-free, sugar-free delights;
No kneepads with our tricycles,
No helmets with our bicycles.

No sunscreen on those summer days,
No SPF to block the rays;
No V-chip guarding our TVs,
No censors guiding what we’d see.

Seems we grew up just tempting fate,
With perils lying close in wait;
Thank goodness there’s such caution now!
Though we survived……I wonder how?

©2009 Carlotta Eike Stankiewicz