Mission Impossible

Mission Impossible

She steels herself –
The time has neared
To do the very thing she’s feared.

She starts to stand,
They do not stir;
She steps…
They do not notice her.

She moves with stealth
As floorboards groan;
She glances, anxious, toward the phone.

She steps again,
Then one step more;
She’s made it through the kitchen door.

She slowly goes,
She’s in the hall;
So close…so close…
Now – make the call!

She pauses…just a little while,
She holds her breath
And starts to dial.

Each beep becomes a shrill betrayal;
Yet still she tries: she mustn’t fail!

She waits, it rings,
Her heart is pounding;
But – nearby – alarms are sounding.

Alerted now, they sense her plot;
They come for her,
She sees them not.

She starts to speak;
They flank her back;
They ambush now: a sneak attack!

She whirls around,
Her eyes grow wide
As volleys fly from every side:
“Mommy – MOM! She isn’t sharing!”’
“Mommy! Can we watch tv?”
“I want some juice!”
“I want a snack!”
“Lookit, Mommy! Lookit me!”

She stares at them.
Will this assault
Bring her mission to a halt?

They stare at her.
Will she retreat?
Perhaps, but this is no defeat.

She turns
To tell her comrade friend
Their phone call must come to an end.

But as she does, new strategy
Now comes to mind:
Why not Plan B?……

Of course!
Success lies just ahead:
“I’ll call you back…
when they’re in bed.”

© Carlotta Eike Stankiewicz