Mothering: Buy the Book

You’ll find shelves of books that tell Mom
what to eat when she’s expecting,
and a few more just to tell her
how to outfit baby’s room.

There are books galore to give Mom
helpful, step-by-step instructions
for the many ways to make sure baby’s
peaceful in her womb.

There are books that recommend to Mom
the best way to give birth,
and as many more to help restore
the body she once knew.

There are countless books to help Mom
feed by breast or by the bottle,
and to help her get her baby
sleeping soundly all night through.

There are scores of books to help Mom
choose a preschool or a nanny,
and as many books that teach Mom
how to discipline and praise.

There are books on
how to feed
how to teach
how to nurture
so she’ll have the sweetest baby
any Mom could ever raise.

Those who seek maternal guidance,
rest assured it’s there for you–
with these books, you’ll be the best Mom
any child has ever had.

As you shop the shelves of bookstores, though,
you may just stop to wonder,
where exactly they are keeping
all the how-to books for Dad…

©2010 Carlotta Eike Stankiewicz