Mine vs. Yours

As a lover of language, I must say there’s nothing like a good, creative euphemism.

Some of the best come from the parenting community. And believe it or not, I’ve actually heard moms and dads use some of the phrases listed below.

But not in regard to my kids, of course…


Mine vs. Yours

My child is physically expressive.
Yours is overly aggressive.

My child draws on everything — such artistry!
Yours doesn’t respect others’ property.

My child is talented — so vocally endowed!
Yours is absolutely much too loud.

My child doesn’t prefer those she doesn’t know.
Yours never speaks and surely must be slow.

My child loves taking charge – how cute!
Yours is a bossy, bullying brute.

My child speaks her mind when she’s in the mood.
Yours is very obviously rude.

My child is spirited, that’s a fact.
Yours is – plain and simple – a brat.

© 2010 Carlotta Eike Stankiewicz