The Poems, In No Particular Order

Labor Talks

Almighty Epidural

Yessir, That’s My Belly

Full Advantage

What to Expect

Mothering: Buy the Book


Perchance to Dream


The Lament of the Postpartum Executive

A Dirty Shame

The Benefits of Breastfeeding

The Naked Truth

On the Redundancy of the Term “Working Mother”

SuperMom, SchmuperMom

Mommy Brain

The Art of Persuasion

Two-Car Family

Ode: McDonald’s

Piñata Good Idea

Living Dangerously

I Swear

The Birthday

Summer of Their Discontent

Mistaken Identity

Independence Day

Back to School

Driver’s Education

Laundry List

I, Volunteer

The Tiger Mother

It’s Instrumental

Trashy Dresser


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